Wereldburgers offers you a high-quality total concept: PREMIUM-LINE BURGERS and BASIC-LINE BURGERS. These high-quality burgers contain a high percentage of meat (almost 100%) and the PREMIUM-LINE BURGERS are guaranteed to contain selected purebred beef. Along with a selection of luxury bread rolls, pickles, streaky bacon, caramelised onions and special sauces, this exclusive total concept becomes a true taste sensation!
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For these burgers, we only use entrecote cuts from purebred Black Angus Aberdeen and Simmental cattle. These burgers are perfect for trendy eateries, beach restaurants, burger bars, hotel chains, restaurants or for event catering. Our PREMIUM-LINE burgers are clean label and only salt and pepper are added. The burgers do not contain any E numbers, allergens or gluten and are totally flavoursome. They are 100% natural, frozen whilst fresh and can be prepared quickly and easily.


The burgers are made using beef with a meat percentage of 98%! Our BASIC-LINE burgers are also clean label and gluten-free. The burgers can be prepared quickly and easily on a griddle, grill or in a frying pan. These burgers are highly suitable for cafeterias, company canteens, sports club can-teens, lunchrooms, eateries and for the service station segment.